San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan
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Welcome to the San Pedro Bay Ports' real-time air quality monitoring site. The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles each operates an air quality monitoring network which collect continuous data on ambient air quality and meteorological conditions in the San Pedro Bay region.

The monitoring stations are strategically located throughout the Ports. Within the Port of Long Beach, the monitoring stations are located at (1) the Inner Harbor area, near West Long Beach, and (2) the Outer Harbor area on the Navy Mole. The Port of Los Angeles’ stations are located in (1) the Outer Harbor area at Berth 47, (2) the Terminal Island Treatment Plant (TITP), (3) within the San Pedro community near the intersection of South Harbor Boulevard and 3rd Street, and (4) within the Wilmington Community at the Sts. Peter & Paul Elementary School.

The Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles monitoring programs support their joint commitment to improving air quality within the San Pedro Bay region under the Clean Air Action Plan. The environmental information collected by these programs will be used to better manage and provide feedback on the Ports' air quality improvement efforts. Each Port’s monitoring stations collect real-time measurements for various air pollutants including ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter. The stations may also be used to collect other environmental data which can be used for different environmental studies.

The real-time environmental data collected by these stations is available for public review on this website. The data can be queried and viewed in several formats, as explained below.

Map View Displays the locations of the stations in the Port
Current Data Presents real-time air quality information
Yesterday's Data Offers a summary of the previous day’s air quality and weather data
Daily Highs Shows maximum levels by calendar day
Historical Data Contains air quality data for past days, weeks and months
Reports Contains reports summarizing the collected data
San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan