San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan
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Monitored ParameterAveraging PeriodCurrent ValueUnitsState StandardFederal Standard
O3 1-hr Not Available ppm 0.09 -
O3 8-hr Not Available ppm 0.07 0.08
PM10 24-hr Not Available µg/m3 50 150
PM2.5 24-hr Not Available µg/m3 - 35
NO2 1-hr Not Available ppm 0.25 -
CO 1-hr Not Available ppm 20.0 35.0
CO 8-hr Not Available ppm 9.0 9.0
SO2 1-hr Not Available ppm 0.250 0.075
SO2 24-hr Not Available ppm 0.04 0.14
Wind Speed 1-hr Not Available mph - -
Wind Direction 1-hr Not Available direction - -
Temperature 1-hr Not Available deg F - -
Relative Humidity 1-hr Not Available % - -
Rain 1-hr Not Available in/hr - -
RainDaily TotalNot Availablein--
RainMonthly Total0.00in--
RainYearly Total4.39in--
Current Data Chart
* Indicates reading occurred during instrument calibration

** The Port of Long Beach Inner Port monitoring station is currently offline due to a power outage. At this time, it is unclear when power will be restored to the site. The station will begin conducting measurements again immediately once power has been restored to the site.

San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan