San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan
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Monitored ParameterAveraging PeriodCurrent ValueUnitsState StandardFederal Standard
O3 1-hr 0.044 ppm 0.09 -
O3 8-hr 0.028 ppm 0.07 0.08
PM10 24-hr 31.3 µg/m3 50 150
PM2.5 24-hr 13.5 µg/m3 - 35
NO2 1-hr 0.005 ppm 0.25 -
CO 1-hr Not Available ppm 20.0 35.0
CO 8-hr Not Available ppm 9.0 9.0
SO2 1-hr 0.005 ppm 0.250 0.075
SO2 24-hr 0.006 ppm 0.04 0.14
Wind Speed 1-hr 6.1 mph - -
Wind Direction 1-hr SW direction - -
Temperature 1-hr 71.3 deg F - -
Current Data Chart
* Indicates reading occurred during instrument calibration

** In May 2008, the Port of Los Angeles implemented a special study to collect "real-time" PAH data at four air quality monitoring stations located in or near the Port. This study was funded under a grant administered by the Environmental Protection Agency. The data collection for the study is complete and a comprehensive report which details the findings of this special study is available. here for your information. Real-time PAH data will not be reported after December 31, 2010.

San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan